Sunday, 20 October 2013

I read a very interesting article on Mashable this week on something that I had already touched on previously in this blog, but just am too lazy to locate.

For most teens, the purpose of social media is just that: an outlet to express various character traits, especially those that are less-than-obvious or even nonexistent. 

 I confess I don’t spout witty one-liners on a regular basis. But the nature of Twitter allows me to garner a number of retweets and favorites for short, clever commentary on my everyday life. The same applies to my favorite photo-sharing app, Instagram. I can get dozens of likes on a picture of the sunset I snapped with my iPhone, even though my real-life photography skills are decidedly amateur. 

Each social media provides a distinct niche for me to showcase different aspects of my personality, enhancing others' preconceived notions about me. Teenagers have been unjustly stuffed into boxes even before The Breakfast Club. But the enormous span of social media networks gives us a chance to shed the inaccurate labels. As a result, teens have become experts in online branding; instead of pushing a product, we’re selling ourselves. Everything we do online is subconsciously executed to affect others’ perceptions.

My neighbourhood at night
Indeed, I do think along the same lines as the person- I do believe that my social media presence are all extensions of my personality, and it all showcases a 'brand' of myself that I am putting out there. Some of them may be more similar to my real life persona, some rather different.

And I do think that these marketing strategies if you will do work- how often have you looked at something a person you know has posted and wondered in awe or surprise or something else? You immediately form of perception of that person and think that that is how they will be in reality. For people who see each other often this probably would not be the case, but it definitely would be for those who do not meet on a regular basis.

I myself am guilty of this, though self awareness allows me to think about it more carefully and I tell myself not to judge or have a perception of someone change.

Do you agree?
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