Friday, 17 May 2013
The Most Memorable Teachers

While I was scanning my Facebook feed before I went to work this morning I was surprised to read so many posts on Teacher's Day. I had completely forgotten that the 16th of May used to be one where we celebrate the contributions of our teachers. But rather than just writing a simple thank you note I thought I'd share with you my list of my most memorable teachers! Here goes.

1. The Tough Lover
I'm sure a lot of you would have come across a teacher like this in your life at some point. You know, the one who laid down harsh laws and handed out tough love. I had someone like this , too- this teacher spewed so many often almost unreasonable rules that we had to follow that it made it hard to like her sometimes. It didn't help that a part of her tough love principle includes assessing our exam papers so strictly and picking on the tiniest of  mistakes that most students ended up failing most of the time under her. But I did come around to seeing her wisdom later on, and needless to say am thankful for it.

2. The Philosopher
I started off disliking the philosopher. A lot. Simply because of a clash of ideology. But as time went by I did adapt to it and found some of it entertaining. Take for example the argument that being a corrupt person might just save you a lot of trouble; you wouldn't have to work hard to enjoy the finest things in life.

3. The Professional
This teacher didn't have a huge impact on my growth as a person, simply because my most formative years were already behind me when we met, but she definitely was a huge influence on me when I was deciding on my career path. To put it simply, her experience and knowledge was so insightful that it allowed me to finally decide to take up a public relations degree.

4. The Sexist
I was originally very hesitant about including this teacher. After all, she was the one who had basically humiliated me in front of a crowd many times over menial thing and I had already decided that she's someone not worth my attention but I thought she was an interesting character to add in. You know how there's the 'girls are neat and trustworthy, boys are rascals' stereotype? Well, the sexist was always a champion of this principle. And nothing was more satisfying than scoring the highest mark in her subject. Consistently. Without the need to attend extra classes.

I seem to be taking a lot of selfies lately...

5. The Entrepreneurial Scientist
I will always admire this teacher for her book and street smarts- it's a combination not many people have. But she always seemed to juggle being an educator and businesswoman well. I used to try to estimate her income and was definitely impressed. Of course, it's hard work but it definitely pays off.

6. The Storyteller
Most people who know me well would know that I love stories. No matter what situation I'm in, stories always fascinate me. I will always remember this particular teacher for her unconventional methods of imparting knowledge- classes would always be alternated between sitting on our chairs by our desk and sitting on the floor while she sat on a chair and told us stories... or have discussions about things that kids talk about. Needless to say, I did very well academically that year. Through all these years I have always been thankful and proud of my achievements, and have always attributed it to The Storyteller. The biggest reward for me was that after many years, she still remembered which classroom she was in when she taught me!

7. The Historian
Similar to The Storyteller, this teacher had a particular penchant for telling stories, except that her stories were not always related to what she was supposed to be teaching. To some people, it was a waste of time, but I had always found it enlightening as I would gain more general knowledge and information about the world from her, and when they're stories it was particularly attention grabbing. 

8. The Comedian
The Comedian is probably one of the teachers that will remain in my memory for a long time. Not because she liked telling jokes, but rather she served as comedy for students. From her often lazy attitude, to her comedic behaviour, students always found her entertaining. I can think of more than one occasion where she was the subject of many jokes, and all of them are ridiculously hilarious. Great teacher she was not, but she did leave a lasting impression of sorts. 

9. The Mother
Alas, what list would be complete without this one? Not many people have the opportunity to be taught by their mothers. There was one particular year where my mother was actually, (gasp!) my teacher as well! I swear, there are very few situations as awkward for a kid as having to address your own mother as a teacher. I do remember avoiding such situations at all costs, though once when I was forced to, she did have some fun at my expense by forcing my hand. Well played, Mum! But after everything I was most thankful and impressed that through it all, she was still fair and did not treat me any differently. 

Mum and I :) 

Of course, these aren't the only teachers that I do still remember, but these are definitely the ones that would jump to mind very quickly. 

Do you have your own list of most memorable teachers? Who were they?
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