Saturday, 20 April 2013

Over the last month while I was away from this blog, I was keeping myself busy with working and going to the gym and other things that meant that updating this space wasn't on the top of my list of things to do. During that time, I have had time to also reflect on my current life and where it's headed.

To be perfectly honest, I have wondered, what am I to do if I don't land a career? Will I be stuck forever doing menial jobs? As a student, I've honestly never thought about this- the prospect of unemployment. To me, it was something unthinkable, as if I would land a job the moment I graduate, as if getting a foot in the door isn't that tough. Back then unemployment was a vague concept that I didn't fully grasp even though I knew full well what it meant.

And I think this is something that many students do not see just yet. We seem to enter university, with hopes of gaining knowledge and changing the world, or maybe just to get a job. But what happens after graduation? What happens after the gown is returned or stashed in the back of a closet, what happens after the ceremonial hat toss is completed? What happens then? And what happens when our dreams of stepping out into the corporate world immediately after graduation doesn't shape up?

I have mentioned previously that I would try to stick it out. And I do mean it. I do understand that job prospects might shrink and my chances may decrease over time, but I have to believe in myself and the choice that I'm making. Plus, taking time off to fully assess where my life is headed and what I want to do with it, as well as doing things that I enjoy, such as travelling, would allow me to make up for lost time with experiences that others may not have. Technically speaking, anyway.

I do know that opportunities come and go, and that sometimes things don't always go as planned, but we should just seize the moment and go with the flow. So while I recognise that I may not be in an ideal position career-wise, this is also my opportunity to do other things, such as chasing my dreams and acquiring new skills. Through my interactions recently I realised that I do need more skills- I have basically next to nothing when it comes to life skills. I don't sing, dance or play any musical instruments. I hate cooking. I love technology but am not a technician, nor am I interested in being one.

These skills are not just hobbies, I do think that they are value-adds when it comes to tough times like unemployment because then you know that you have something else to offer. While chatting up a recent connection of mine, I saw that this could be a unique time for me to try to fulfil one of my dreams (kind of, anyway) of owning a business. Unfortunately, all I have to offer is writing, so at the moment it does seem like I do not have much going for me. I am considering learning new things, but at the moment, I do feel that it is better to play to my strengths.

But fret not! This seed has only just been planted in my head and I have time to think about how should I move forward with this. Writing is a tough industry so I'm not too sure how I would start a business on this, but I would absolutely love to own a business of my own that I can count on for income... and if it turns out to be successful then maybe that will be my career, who knows what's gonna happen? But if you have any ideas, I'd like to hear them!
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