Tuesday, 5 March 2013

Today while at the supermarket getting some last minute ingredients for dinner, I glanced upon the candy shelf and saw- you guessed it, candy. More specifically, sour tapes. I've previously written about it being one of the things that would brighten my day, and it definitely did today- I was excited to see it.  But, just a few seconds later I was hit with a realisation.

I'm not sure if you know this, but tennis player Maria Sharapova launched a candy line sometime this year (in Australia at least- think it was last year in the U.S). Here's her description of the products on the website:

I’ve always had a sweet tooth. And I am not exaggerating one bit. My earliest memory of candy is being a little girl back in Russia and asking my parents for a lollipop after a good practice on the tennis court. It was that little treat I looked forward to. And here I am many years later hoping to get a sweet treat after a good practice.

And this was what I had wrote in my previous entry:

I remember that when I was young I took taekwondo lessons, and when I began to lose interest in it and would dread going, that would be my reward of sorts for going. And as I've always loved sour food, and I rarely got to eat them throughout the years, I always get excited when I see them being sold.

And no, I was no excited one bit at the similarities. Rather, I was more disappointed. While I am still happy with my life, it currently is not going anywhere. Sharapova, on the other hand, has so many opportunities lining up. It made me wonder- do I give up too easily? I definitely missed a chance on building a candy empire (okay maybe not, but you get the point). It made me see things a little differently. For instance, I gained some insights into why I think she was able to see this as a business opportunity and I didn't (besides the fact that she's a celebrity, of course!).

Mindset- While I saw candy as a way to make taekwondo bearable, Sharapova used it as positive reinforcement. I had to be goaded into going. Granted, I hated the physical violence that is taekwondo, but still, I did not make the best of the situation.

Perseverance- This realisation made me wonder, perhaps I should have persevered in more things that I was so fortunate to have been able to dabble in- self defence (taekwondo, wushu and Brazilian jiu-jitsu), music (piano, the guitar and an assortment of other instruments), sport (swimming, tennis and badminton). I did not dedicate my attention to anything. Who knows? Had I concentrated on something I might've been at London last Olympics.

Value of tough times- I'm pretty sure I read somewhere that Sharapova went through a rough childhood as she couldn't be with her parents when she was sent to America. I was blessed with a very lucky and fortunate childhood. But as they say, 'tough times don't last, tough people do'. It is during these times that you learn more about yourself and you come out a stronger person.

Importance of passion- Having said all that, at the end of the day Maria has always said that she enjoys tennis. Drive is important, and it's the same as the age-old saying 'do what you like to do'. I guess the lesson here is that passion can be a fuel to a successful life. After all, all the most successful people I know are deeply passionate about what they do for a living.

So, boys and girls, take this as a lesson to remind you that no matter what, you should always try your hardest and not let life's challenges make you turn away from chasing after what you want.
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  1. Tempus says:

    I shall persevere then!

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