Tuesday, 8 January 2013

I'm not sure if it's still the case, but many Malaysians (okay, this happens in many other places) are constantly harping about the saturation of undergraduate degrees and that you should need a minimum of a Master's to get a decent job these days.

So when I graduated, one of the considerations was to continue studying. But I've always known, since  sometime last year, that when I graduate I would not be heading back to uni for awhile. Of course, postgrad studies isn't limited to Masters alone, there are Honours programs available here (it's an additional year and you only get accepted if you have good grades). There are quite a lot of options, and of course with a postgraduate degree many more doors are open for you.

Life-sized chess set in Hobart, Tasmania
So with all that stacked up, I would say it is a good argument to go back to uni and continue life as a student. So why did I decide against it (and why I think you should too)?

1. Student life has gone stale
I've been a student for the past 15 years. Having more life experience now in other areas, I am really ready for a change in my life. Despite liking my comfort zone, I also know that I am very often a person who needs constant change in my life to keep things interesting. So I really am just looking forward to leading a different lifestyle and doing something different in my life.

So glad I've graduated! 
It would most probably be working since most of the things that I want in life requires money. But, if something else comes along, I'd definitely be open to that- maybe travelling? Maybe getting paid to travel?

2. Being financially independent
It must be because the friends I hang out with are all financially independent, but I'm actually looking forward to being able to pay for my own living expenses and for things that I want. I would also be able to save up money for travelling, which is a definite plus considering I've always wanted to travel. And the thought of paying for something with your own money also evokes a feeling of satisfaction for me.

Love travelling!

3. Experience is more valuable
This is a sentiment that I believe most companies here in Australia adopts- whatever job you apply for, they normally just want a basic qualification, i.e a degree for most professional jobs. But they would also need experience. They want people who have worked in the field before, who knows what to expect. And so, I think getting practical experience is always better.

And it's not just in the field that you are interested in, too- from the books I've read and people I've met, I've come to realise that getting different types of skills always helps- you never know when they may come in handy!

Wouldn't mind being able to afford good food!

4. It's personal! 

For me, a Masters degree has always been for someone who has worked a few years in the industry and wants to get some relevant qualification to get a pay rise. So I've always imagined that I would only go back into university after a couple of years working (or travelling, who knows). Maybe I won't ever go back to uni, I don't know- I don't know what's going to happen in the future, but I know that for now, this isn't for me.

The financial independence factor comes in, too- what's the point of having a Masters degree if you couldn't even pay for it yourself?
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