Sunday, 27 January 2013

At times, I find myself highly separated from the goings-on at home. Sometimes I find myself reading up on Australian and other news that when I want to browse through the Malaysian news, it becomes stale (too many political stories) or I just don't have the time.

And considering how distant I am from the Malaysian community here (I rarely participate in 'Malaysian' events) I do not really interact with many Malaysians except my friends. And even then, more often than not we are in the company of non-Malaysians, and topics of conversation would not always be about home, so I do not really have many channels in which I keep myself updated about what's the latest craze back home.

But that's what I love about my work with Global Voices- since I'm writing about issues on Malaysia I get to research and read up on certain issues beforehand so that I have some context and can form my own opinion of the issue first. Of course, Twitter and Facebook helps, but I am sometimes too lazy to Google lame references to a hot topic back home.

One example I can remember is the whole 'listen' thing. Suddenly everyone on Facebook seem to be making fun of the word and I had no idea why. Honestly, I still don't- I only know that some lady said it quite a lot and the conversation was recorded. But I suppose if I force myself to write about it, then I'll have to read up on it and perhaps hear the conversation myself.

I guess it's just how anyone who goes overseas can label ourselves as. We have the type who sticks with their fellow countrymen and who does not integrate or adapt into the local culture and still basically lives in a bubble, and those who completely cut themselves off and mix well with the locals. Pretty soon you can't even tell that they are a foreigner. Then you have the in-betweens, which is the group I guess I identify with. With these things I guess I just need a reason to participate- with Malaysian food festivals if there are friends going I would go for the food, but I also wouldn't go alone because that would just be depressing. And political rallies do not interest me because I don't see how it would affect anything back home.

There are so many other things that I can list down right now, but I am simply not in the mood to- I guess I can just say that we live in an extremely complex society don't we?
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