Thursday, 3 January 2013

So I've not mentioned this before since it was quite recent, but a friend and I are now co-authors of a blog for writers! Basically, our vision is that one day, we'll gather our friends who also enjoy writing and we can all take turns updating it with whatever it is that we want to write- stories, opinion pieces, etc.

But since we aren't so sure how that'll work out yet, we decided to just try it between the both of us.

For my first post I decided to write an uber-short story. I don't make public a lot of my writing, so this was definitely a huge step for me. But anyway, check Five Years On out and stay tuned!
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  1. Tempus says:

    Managing multiple blogs can be really tiring...

  2. EeLyn says:

    Binn, depends. I used to manage a few blogs at a time, one with high school friends.. It's really fun IMO. :D

  3. Jerrenn says:

    Well the fun in managing a group one is not you're not solely responsible for it :)

  4. Tempus says:

    Group ones are fine. But if they are separate entities holly molly its going to be a roller coaster ride.