Tuesday, 4 December 2012

Fresh off reading my previous travel book, I am reading another one, 'Hap Working The World'. It's about this guy, Hap, a New Zealander, who has a dream of travelling and working in every continent of the world before he turns 30. 

I found it a much better read than the previous book, simply because I connected with the author much more. He was a university graduate at the time, and was faced with a big decision- should he focus on his 'career' and settle down, or to travel and work around the world? He decided to pursue his dream, obviously, and I found his experience quite enlightening for several reasons. 

First off, there were several times when he considered whether or not this was worth it. There was once when he explicitly mentioned that for all he know, he could be stuck crashing at friends' couches while they were busy with their careers, dressed up in suits and who would pretty soon have kids. And there he was, still jobless and broke and living on someone's couch. 

He also had a huge scare when he was involved in an accident. He reconsidered his dream then, too. But realised that at the end of the day, he would rather say that he lived his dream than he wished he lived his dream. 

I thought to myself, these are kinda things that I thought about too- actually putting my dreams in action. I've always had a long-time dream of travelling around America, so maybe that's something I should do. But then again, unlike the author who chose to travel, I opted to choose my career first. Travel might come in later when I've some financial independence. While I've always wanted to travel and take a gap year before beginning life in the 'real world' like him, I know that it's not feasible given my reality. So, hello desk job! (or hopefully not a desk job but one that I'd like)
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  1. Tempus says:

    Oh, and I thought you would be traveling, seeing you and your unpredictability.

    But don't just settle with the desk job, seriously, go do something more exciting.