Sunday, 23 December 2012

Put simply, December has been an extremely busy time for me! So many things have happened and I have been kept busy so have been unable to update this space as much. But here's the lowdown of what went down.

1. I graduated! 
This feels great actually. The last three years have been the most trying and formative time of my life, and I have definitely seen myself grown so much and when the time came for me to step forward and claim that scroll with my name and qualification on it, I really felt great (even though at the time all I was concentrating on was not to trip).

I definitely felt like this is a significant achievement, and I am definitely proud of myself for getting this far.

2. I completed my AIESEC term
Now I have never really mentioned this much before in my blog, though I struggle to come up with a reason for this. The 30th of November marked the last day of my term in AIESEC. Although I did feel that I could've done better, I was just really relieved that it's now over (more on this next time).

3. My family came to visit! 
Well, Mum, Dad and an aunt anyway. They came to attend my graduation (of course), but it's also great to be surrounded by family. I don't know, being away from home and your loved ones can be taxing sometimes. Although I have learned to adapt and appreciate Melbourne, I was definitely glad to see some very familiar faces.

Now why is this important?

4. I'm not going home 
I've made a decision to stay in Melbourne. I've enjoyed my time here and think that it's a great place to start my career. It's definitely a big decision, as it really means that I'm deciding to put my entire life in Malaysia on hold and to have a new beginning here. It means leaving behind everything, especially my family, friends and loved ones. But having said that, I recognise that this is a unique opportunity that I have and that I should try to seize it, so I had submitted my application for a temporary visa- it'll allow me to stay here as I try to look for a job. Hopefully, it'll work out. If it doesn't, then I'll have to head somewhere else.

Mount Wellington in Tasmania.. yes I'm rocking a pair of bright red jeans.

5. I travelled! 
I took the opportunity of my family being here to go travelling. It was great, I even managed to visit Tasmania, which means that now the only state in Australia that I have not visited is the Northern Territory. Tasmania's still very much like the rest of Australia ('the mainland') even though they are constantly the butt of Aussie jokes, except that it was rather quiet. The natural scenery was great, though! More to come in future posts.

And now, unbelievably, it's almost time for Christmas and the New Year. I think this will be a time for family and friends so if I can find the motivation to get my laptop to blog then maybe I will.

Merry Christmas!
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