Tuesday, 25 December 2012

I didn't plan to write anything today but when I remembered I felt that I just had to!

A year ago today, I was about one third through my internship in Shanghai. Thinking back, I couldn't believe that I had flew there in early December for six weeks. It was six very stressful and occasionally lonely weeks. But it was also six very enlightening and insightful weeks.

It really doesn't feel like that much time have passed. I still remember quite vividly most of the things that I did while I was there. I remember that Christmas wasn't a public holiday there, so I still had to show up to work. But I did feel a little celebratory, partly because I was alone, and also partly because Christmas reminds me so much of the Western world and everything I was familiar with that I missed at the moment, and so I decided to cook a meal.

Christmas in a Shanghai shopping mall... wish I remembered its name!
After work, I dropped by the nearest hypermarket and bought ingredients for an extremely yummy pasta (I had searched the recipe online beforehand). So I went home, and began creating my masterpiece. Sadly, it didn't taste as good as I'd hoped- I blame the bacon (seriously!). It tasted quite bad. Maybe I just selected the wrong one.

Along with the television, my laptop and a good drink, my Christmas was complete. Yes, I know it sounds rather lonely but for a lone traveller it didn't sound so bad.

This year has been quite different. Since my parents are still here, I get to spend my Christmas with my loved ones. While it's unfortunate that I can't spend it with some close friends as well, I suppose this will have to suffice. I'm immensely grateful that I don't have to spend Christmas alone in a country where Christmas is a time to be with family.

What're you doing this Christmas?
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  1. Tempus says:

    It's already a blessing to have your parents whom you do enjoy having them around for Christmas, seriously.

    Christmas last year was a run, but at least I was looking forward to this year's