Sunday, 11 November 2012

These two days were still as unproductive for my novel as before- I didn't actually manage to get any writing done seeing as I was actually busy. But while checking up on some news I came across an article on John Grisham.

Now, you know that I absolutely love reading about writers, simply because nothing much is ever written about them (ironic, I know) and also because I actually am rather interested in the routines that they have.

In this article on John Grisham, approximately one paragraph is dedicated to his writing routine:
Every morning at seven John Grisham sits down at the computer in his farmhouse in rural Virginia with a strong cup of coffee. It’s the same computer he’s used to bash out 25 bestsellers, and the same brand of organic coffee he’s drunk for the past 20 years. 

“I’ll have two cups and then switch to decaf,” he says in his deep southern drawl. “My office is dark, warm and cosy with no phones and no internet because I’m terrified my stuff will be hacked into. I’ll get five or six pages done before lunch, then at around 12.30pm I’ll drive into town for lunch. If you get into a rhythm of doing that every day, with a few days off here and there, those pages pile up and you can get one book done a year.”

Honestly, it did make me feel better that he doesn't write for a whole day, and that he takes breaks!
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