Wednesday, 7 November 2012

Today’s entry will be a little different- it won’t be as much about the writing.

I think most of you would know that I’m a very solitary writer- I rarely share my writing with anyone. In fact, I barely even talk about my ideas. That’s why until now, I haven’t given away spoilers on what my story is about. Today, I was catching up with a friend who really did insist that when I’m done, I should publish this story, even if it’s just for friends.

Honestly, that made me jump a little- I just never like sharing my stories, with people I know anyway. I’m not sure how you would react to my imagination- I’m sure some would like it, and some wouldn’t. But in general I just feel very weird having my friends read my work. It’s just like how I would feel weird if I were an A-list actor and were to hold special screenings of my movies with my friends. It’s just weird seeing yourself that way, and it’s weird seeing your friends see you that way. But it did get me thinking- maybe I could give it a go. As of now, I definitely have no plans on publishing it, to anyone, but who knows? I might give it a go.

As for my writing, I worked at a slower pace today (probably because I actually went out with people), but still got a good portion of it done. Now, 23 days to go!

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