Saturday, 3 November 2012

Today is shaping up to be a better day- I found that writing has become much easier now that I’ve started, and I can easily keep writing. I decided to start writing during the day as I am going out at night, so I could at least get some writing done. I easily doubled my number of words and I expect to write a little more before I wrap up for the day.

I think I may have an idea of how writers can just put all their heart and soul into writing for a few hours a day. When you’re so invested in telling a story and if you’re not tied down by a day job you could really accomplish quite a bit. Of course, this also means that you sacrifice your social life to a certain extent. For now, I’m quite happy to do that since I am still resting from this tiring year.

But I also realise that I do have a limit- there is only so much that I can do in one day. Approaching the 3,400 word mark I found myself beginning to slow down. I think this will be a very interesting project indeed- not only will I be testing my own writing skills, but I will also be testing myself in other ways, such as concentrating and fighting writer’s block. I wonder how Day 30 will look like.
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