Thursday, 15 November 2012

Today I realised that despite all the progress in my writing, the possibility of me completing it thins as each day passes. Tomorrow it will be the 15th, the half way mark, which means that I should supposedly have completed 25,000 words. Alas, I am far from that goal. Perhaps I really do need to speed up.

But in terms of the story’s progress I must say that I am happy with it so far. I’m very slowly introducing this character that I really like, and it is slowly becoming more and more exciting. Maybe this would be able to spur me to write at a feverish pace in order to catch up and make that November 30th deadline.

But I’m finding it harder and harder to balance my other work- with job applications and visa considerations I really need to spend more time on those, so writing can sometimes be neglected, which is not the ideal. But I would prefer to be employed and financially independent, so there’s that. 
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