Friday, 2 November 2012

I’ll say it now: Writing a novel is not easy. Especially starting. When it came to begin starting my story, I found that not only did I not really know how to start; I wasn’t sure how the first few chapters would look either. I also realised that my planning did help a bit but lacked details in some areas, such as names of people and places- a note for future writings. Given how much I have to write, and the slow pace that I am at now, I am a little worried at how it would affect my lifestyle- I definitely would not want to be all stressed up and sleep deprived again- the dark circles around my eyes are just starting to go away!

I honestly did not expect to face a hurdle so early. Few times it did cross my mind that I can just give up halfway anyway, but I quickly erased that thought and told myself that I have to finish this project. I think the problem here is that I know roughly how the story will go, but when it comes to writing it down you need a lot more details than what you have merely imagined, and so a lot of it became very spontaneous- I just hope I can remember them all later on!  (Note to self: next time, plan way ahead)

And added with the fact that I was quite preoccupied during the day, I actually only got started on my writing after dinner. I know, very unprofessional of a writer- perhaps I need a schedule, though I doubt I could keep to it- unlike writers I don’t have a set commitment so I might have things that come up from time to time. But given all that, I did manage- 1,600 words! Yay! Plus, I am quite happy with the direction the story’s heading. I’ve introduced a few characters that I did not plan for, I’ve adopted a different style of writing, and can see the novel shaping up even though it’s only a meagre 2 chapters. 
Different Themes
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