Saturday, 20 October 2012

Yesterday was an extremely special day for me- it was the day I submitted my final university assignment. And since I do not have any exams, it also meant that I have currently, pretty much completed my undergraduate degree.

I have to say, this day has been a long time coming- a culmination of three years' hard work. When I think about it, it is rather bittersweet. After all, uprooting a life of 18 years and moving to another country is not easy. I learned so much, gained so much, but also lost a few things along the way, so this journey has been quite an emotional one to say the least.

My room in my first apartment! 
I remember my first semester in uni. I was new to life at university, a new country as well as a new environment. I was completely ignorant about the way that things work in this weird new place, and it is suffice to say that I was a little shocked at how quickly people here would brush you off and / or take advantage of you. I was foolish and naive, and got into an unsatisfactory contractual lease on an apartment I lived in in my first year. I was smart enough to record everything down, though- just because I was that vengeful. But through all that, I learned not to trust people too easily, even though I was already very distrustful of people.

Uni was not all smooth sailing, either. First of all, I found it very odd that I was at times the only international student in my classes. Then, socialising was not easy either as I found myself stigmatised and stereotyped. My shyness sure didn't help, either. But I was lucky enough to find a few people who took some of the same courses as me, so we enrolled in the same class times. And of course, there was that time when I lost many files in my laptop due to a virus, which unfortunately included my assignments which were almost due. In the end, I had to redo them after obtaining special considerations from my tutors.

This was me in 2010. What a ghetto I was!
Then there was the people. To be perfectly honest I did not enjoy the circle of people that I surrounded myself with. I would've distanced myself if I could, except that it was not possible; I wouldn't have anyone to talk to otherwise. I would say that it did contribute to my unhappiness in Adelaide, and my decision to move to Melbourne- which was a tough one since at the time, it was taking another risk- can I make a big change once again to move to yet another alien environment? Thankfully, I moved in with a friend and have since settled down well.

So to actually think about it, Melbourne changed my entire perspective of life over here. Before this, I did not quite enjoy myself, but as I slowly settled down and adapted, I started enjoying myself more. Like when I went exploring new restaurants and recipes with the housemate. Or when I was given more responsibilities which made my life a lot more meaningful than just attending classes. I travelled, which is always a plus and made me enjoy myself even more.

Handing in my last assignment
So much has happened that I do not even remember some things- reading my blog posts from 2 years ago is quite a refresher! But it's suffice to say that I have learned a lesson or two about myself and the world, but at the same time I did lose some of myself as I changed into who I am today. Honestly, there were some downright depressing moments, as those closest to me would know- filled with tears (yes, tears), but there were also some moments of triumph and jubilation, when I would jump around the house like an idiot.

And now, I'm moving on to another chapter, one that is yet to be plotted on a map. I do not really know what the future holds, and it is kinda scary knowing that I am officially unemployed. But hopefully that will change soon!
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  1. Tempus says:

    Well, all I can say is good job coming this far. It was a crazy ride being alone over there, I couldn't imagine myself over there, like seriously.

    But it was about the same when I stepped into UPM with me knowing no one. The only advantage, and the best one is to have my car with me.

    It's stepping into adulthood now, are you ready?

  2. Jerrenn says:

    Bin: I hope I'm ready!