Tuesday, 14 August 2012

While I'm not old, nor will I admit to being old, I have known for sometime now that I am somewhat, different from my teen self. Call it ageing, call it transition from teenhood to young adulthood, or whatever you want. Here are my reasons why.

1) I type in full now
Remember way back when, when you would type a sentence like 'y r u so damn lazyyyyyyy'? Well, I now type it as 'why are you so damn lazyyyyy'. Yes, I'm now one of those people who type entire words out. When I was a teen I remember wondering why adults would prefer typing in full when you could quicken the pace of your typing simply by shortening some words. Looks like that 'adult bug' hit me here.

2) I have a 'work' email
As they say, you're young until you have a firstname.lastname@email.com address. And I've had one for about a year and a half now. Yeah, that long.

When I was 15

3) I sleep more
I remember, when I was 17 (final year in high school), I could survive on four hours' sleep each night. I would sleep at 2 in the morning, wake up at 6 and head to school. Maybe it's because there was more things to look forward to then, but I now need at the very least, five hours. I could survive on three, or less, but I definitely cannot sustain that lifestyle for a prolonged period of time.

4) I have routines
I now stay in my comfort zone much more. I personally believe that's why older folks don't travel anymore- they can't handle not having enough water, not sleeping in a decent bed, etc. A few years back when I travelled with friends to the Gold Coast I survived the first day with absolutely no water. I attended school camps. A jamboree where I didn't shower for more than a week (the exact days shall not be mentioned). Now? I can survive on less water in cold weather, but I would still need some liquid.

Yours truly, during graduation
Of course, I know the 20s are when you enjoy, and that is what I fully intend to do- enjoy my 20s. But I really hope it doesn't pass by as quickly as the past 20 years.

On a brighter note, the Olympics has come to an end! It has been a riveting journey, and I was definitely one of those who cheered Lee Chong Wei on. I do remember, four years ago, when he was mocked for earning a silver medal. Four years later, he achieved the same feat, except that he's now hailed as a hero- testament to how our fortunes can change, and how hard work and determination does pay off.

There's nothing like sports events to show off youthfulness- it's an event filled to the brim with fit young men and women, and most of the time in big ones like the Olympics it's also about rising stars (i.e. young athletes) overpowering their waning, ageing counterparts (the ones who are competing for the last time).

Even for myself, the Olympics has been a growing off-age process. In 2004 I barely cared about the Olympics. In 2008 I was in my final year in high school. Now, in 2012, I'm in my final year in uni. Much of my perspectives, thoughts and feelings have changed since Beijing- the Olympics shows the inevitable changes that we go through.

I wonder what sort of person I will be come Rio 2016.

Me, 2010

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