Tuesday, 31 July 2012

One of the highlights of my trip to Kenya was visiting Nairobi National Park. While it was just a few hours, I still managed to see some beautiful animals! Here are some of the highlights from that trip.

The king of the jungle!

Now, what African safari would be complete without the lion? While I didn't see all the Big Five, I did manage to see the lion in all its majesty... or should I say, laziness.

Lions are incredibly lazy. Apparently the lionesses does all the work, including hunting, and the lion will just step up and claim his share. That's just how it works, the lionesses don't fight for gender equality.

Now you see me, now you don't...

That, folks, is a lazy lion. We were probably about 50 meters away, maybe even less, but it didn't even bat its eyelids- it was completely uninterested in us. There was a lioness in front of him but she was crouching low.

Then here's this lion that chose the top of a mount to rest. He did tilt his head now and then to check his surroundings, but again, he was so lazy that the sight of 3 or 4 vans didn't bother him. But then again, he probably sees humans every day.

The giraffes

Giraffes are rather cute, don't you think?

The Kenyan dirt

Now I'm sure you would've deduced by now that Nairobi doesn't have the cleanest air in the world. Now imagine going into a dirt road. And sometimes driving past debris from the previous vehicle. By the time the safari ended (it was just about 3 hours) my black cardigan was so dusty I didn't wear it again until I could wash it, and my hair looked like it just went for a dye at the saloon- it was brown!

When I finally got to enjoy my shower, I was filthy and you can easily tell by the colour of the water.

The transportation

We were brought into the safari in traditional vans, the type that we have back home in Malaysia too. But not the family van, it's the cheaper type- the ones that companies would use to transport their stuff. I did have some doubts about whether it would be able to withstand the bumpy ride, but as it turns out, it was all right. Or maybe we just had a very skilful driver.

Now you might be wondering, did I sit inside the van all the time? Yes, kinda- you see, it had a extendable roof that would allow us to stand in the van but still be outside. Can't imagine? Here's how it looks like:

It's an 8-seater van, and it surprisingly fit all of us when we were standing, and comfortably, too!

Nairobi's poaching history

Many years back, ivory was heavily poached. Now, there are strict laws regulating this that are enforced, and there is also a monument in the Park where smuggled ivory was burnt, which signified the Kenyans' determination to keep their elephants and other wildlife safe, to signal that no amount of money is going to make them dabble in ivory poaching, or any other form of poaching.

Burnt ivory

I did also manage to see some deer and an ostrich. Yes, ostrich. There were a couple of rhinos but they were so far away that I couldn't see them (and I didn't bother standing up, as we were on our way back and I was exhausted).

There are several more photos but I'll just put them up in future posts.

I'm sure I would've enjoyed it more and  would see more animals had it been further away- Nairobi National Park is just about half an hour away from the city centre. Oh well, another reason to go back to Kenya, I guess?

That's all for now, have a great week ahead!
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  1. Tempus says:

    Oh you can totally see them in Taiping man, i mean the zoo haha.

    And yes Giraffes are CUTE!!! They have the softest lips like baby skin when you feed them the pallets !

    As for lions, well I've only managed to deal with cubs and the lioness. The males one, na ah. Plus, they were being fed everyday with live chicken anyway XD

  2. Jerrenn says:

    You feed them live chicken? Really?

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  4. Giraffes are cute, indeed. Anyway, it's a great thing that more laws were enforced so that some people will stop poaching.