Sunday, 15 July 2012

It is quite amazing that I have been away for the past 3 weeks. Originally I did expect to have better access to the Internet while I was in Kenya, but in hindsight that thought does seem a little foolish.

So I've just wrapped up my 21-day journey spent in Kenya and Sydney, either travelling or attending conferences. In the last 2 days or so I did realise that although I have had a lot of fun, and do wish I can extend it, I am also exhausted. I've also fallen ill, which is not desirable since my classes begin tomorrow.

For a very quick summary of my holiday: I met some amazing people in Kenya, some very inspirational. I've travelled. I would go back to Kenya in a heartbeat.

Nairobi National Park

I would love to write about my experiences there but unfortunately this will have to wait, I've work to catch up on!

Till my next update, see ya!
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