Friday, 1 June 2012

Are you familiar with the saying that goes something like 'find something you love, and find a way to earn money off it'? That basically means once you've found your calling or passion in life, then you should find a way to earn your living based on that?

So say, if you like travelling and writing, become a travel writer / blogger and make money from that?

Some people do think of this as the best way to lead their lives, but I for one never understood it. I never saw how anyone could make something they enjoy doing their job. To me, when something becomes your job you are immediately tied down.

Take travel writing for example. I enjoy travelling. Writing is a refreshing hobby for me. But I would not want to make travel writing a career. To me, that's just overkill, it takes the joy out of both passions. To me, the best way to enjoy your passion is to keep it as a hobby. You like writing, sure, do it when you want to, rather than having to wake up every day and force yourself to write a certain number of words.

And I say this because I have been thinking my interests, wondering what my passions are and sometimes I do wonder if I should be more persistent and disciplined with my writing. I actually am in the process of writing a story, but it's only in the early phases, and it has been that way since the end of last year. It's just that I keep changing the plot- sometimes I find it too similar to other stories I've read, sometimes I find it doesn't align with other aspects of what I've already written. As they say, writing is an art that needs to be honed, and writers attend classes, always writing and editing.

To me, that's too hard to do continuously for a long period of time- writing has to be something that I do because I want to, not because I have to. And by have to it means 'when I have the time', or when I'm feeling down and want to express myself.

So I really cannot imagine having to slave away writing and writing non-stop to produce a piece of work. It's too draining, and I think I would definitely lose interest in what I enjoy doing.

Does this happen to anyone else?
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