Sunday, 17 June 2012

So after the snorkelling trip, we continued on our journey on the Great Ocean Road heading towards Warrnambool. Now here's where I realised that the schedule was screwed up- we should've done the snorkelling in the morning, or the previous day, as it meant that we could only arrive at Warrnambool in the middle of the night (check map below), which meant that we had to camp out in our car. Again.

On the bright side, we were better prepared. I even took the time to change into my trackbottoms (instead of jeans) and brought out my sleeping gear so that I could stay warm over the night. I must say,  even though I had to sleep in the car, I had a good sleep- I was warm thanks to a shirt, dry towel (as a blanket), and a jumper. The shirt particularly worked wonders; when the sun rose I used it as a shield to block out the light to give myself a few extra hours' sleep.

Anyway, after cleaning myself up yet again in a public toilet, I rewarded myself with a nice hot breakfast, got ready, then started the not-so-long journey to the Grampians (map below).

I must say, this is the kind of thing that I like to do- exploring. I went to the Grampians National Park, and managed to see so much beautiful scenery!

1) Boroka Lookout

The picture says it all!

2) MacKenzie Falls 

The waterfall provided quite a nice scenery, although I must say it's not much different to waterfalls back home, except that the area surrounding it is much cleaner and well preserved and maintained, and not in the middle of a rainforest.

3) Reed Lookout 

Getting to this one was the longest of all the attractions we went to- it took a good hour and a half through a mountainous region just to get there- but the view was well worth it. I had lunch there- raisin toast with Pringles (you have no idea how yummy this is!) while enjoying the view (and the cold) of the Grampians.

Rocks. Don't even remember taking this, but it's a pretty nice picture, no? 

Pretty good, eh?

Cowering in fear. Yes I'm afraid of heights. 

And that sums up my Easter! If you like this I might consider writing more, being a travel blogger can be fun sometimes!
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  1. EeLyn says:

    I wouldn't mind more posts like this one! :D

    And oh, you're afraid of heights? Like really? Me tooooo! :S