Thursday, 14 June 2012

Yes, yes, I have changed my blog template yet again.

I did it for several reasons, the main one being that I wasn't entirely satisfied with the previous one but just didn't have the time to search for one that I like and make edits to it. If you have done this before you would know that searching for blog templates can be a very time consuming and exhausting process. And editing is even worse- I was never schooled in HTML coding, everything I know about coding in HTML is self-taught, based on trial and error (yes I know I like making myself sound smart for being able to teach myself something). Editing this layout alone took me quite some time- I had to figure out where the code for the elements I want deleted were in. But in the end, I did it. On my own!

View from Geelong pier during my Easter trip

When I found the final small element that was bugging me in the code and deleted it, there was a huge sense of accomplishment in the air.

And this experience made me think back of the last few times I felt this way...

1) Living in Shanghai for 6 weeks

Now this is something that I am really proud of- I lived alone (okay, okay, there was one acquaintance who took very good care of me) in Shanghai, for SIX weeks (it felt like months), no less; so it's definitely something that I look back on proudly. I mean, not only did I have to brave the cold, but those who know me personally will know that I am not very good horrible at Mandarin (but dare I say it, it's improved now?)- can you imagine how accomplished and proud of myself I felt when I stepped into the car to head to the airport to leave Shanghai?

2) Landing an internship in a dream company

At the start of my time here this year in Melbourne, I completed an internship in a PR company that I've had my sights on since back in the college days. I remember when I first heard about this company and checked out their website, I told myself "that's where I want to work". That was 2009. Fast forward 3 years later, and I've completed an internship at their Melbourne office!

What accomplishments of yours made you feel particularly good about yourself?

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  1. Tempus says:

    ugh trying over and over and over and over again to actually get my education and life career at the right track?

    probably the stpm years. those were THE years.

  2. EeLyn says:

    "Landing an internship in a dream company"

    Me too!! I've been dreaming of it since...the high school days! Proud of myself. lol