Thursday, 10 May 2012

So, I've seen The Hunger Games. Just yesterday I finished reading the books as well.

And what do I think about it?

Surprisingly good- A really interesting story, that is probably reflective of what is happening in the real world.

So to recap, in case you didn't know, The Hunger Games is a trilogy set in a post-apocalyptic world where there is only one nation (to the best of my knowledge) called Panem, and it is split into twelve districts, ruled by the Capitol. And by ruled I mean colonised- the districts are basically slaves; they live in poverty and barely make a living while those in the Capitol are living on all the wealth and resources of their district-slaves.

And every year, there is the Hunger Games, when one boy and girl (boy and girl being under 18) is selected from each of the twelve districts to participate in the Games, which is basically you enter with the other contestants, and kill as many people as you can. If you are the last one standing, you live, and become the 'victor' of that year's Hunger Games.

So The Hunger Games revolves around this girl called Katniss, who volunteers as a 'tribute' (basically, the participants of a Games) to take her sister's place.

When I first watched the movie, I was intrigued, because it was exactly how I expect a reality television series to work in real life- where stars of the show play to the cameras, pretend to be someone they're not. They form relationships with other stars that is just played to what the audience wants to see. It's about creating your on-screen persona.

Take Survivor, for instance. There are similarities- it's a zero sum game where there's only one winner, and you need to backstab and do things you're not proud of in order to advance. And the relationships you form with people... we viewers do not know if it's even real!

So after watching the movie, I mulled on buying the books before finally deciding to go for it. And I was wowed.

While the language could've been more sophisticated (there was a slight hint of shallowness in the writing, methinks), the descriptions and storyline was good. I was hooked, and found that I could not stop reading it. I just continued reading the books, and kept going on until I finished it.

The cast of the Hunger Games.

And I definitely liked how the story left the characters damaged at the end- throughout the story, I felt as if anyone (except Katniss) was up for grabs; the author would not hesitate to kill off any characters. It was a little bit like Harry Potter at the end, when J.K. Rowling started killing off many characters, except it was a tad bit more intense because I liked the characters who died (there are other reasons but that would spoil the story!)

I can understand why this story has received such a huge following after the movie, though (sadly, I'm one of those converts)- It has all the aspects of what a good franchise has: a hero (in this case heroine), sacrifice, innate talents and of course, romance.

So, if you haven't read the books yet, I would say that I do recommend it. It's well worth your money!

P.S. My schedule's packing up, so the updates will unfortunately have to slow down once again.
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