Thursday, 17 May 2012

Remember when I expressed my surprise at how quickly my first semester of uni went by? Well, my penultimate semester has passed by equally quickly, I've but one more week in uni, and after the winter break I shall return to (gasp!) my final semester in uni. Ever.

Honestly, I dread it a little. While I am tired of uni life and can't wait to graduate, my uni life has been fulfilling and I don't think I'm ready to step into the never-ending cycle of work.

But as next week's my final week and I have a test as well as a research thesis to hand in, blog updating can wait!

A friend of mine recently wrote about how my uni days are ending while his is just beginning, but this is what I think about it: it doesn't matter, just enjoy it while it lasts! I didn't in the beginning, but I've come to see the light of day and enjoy the journey in itself!
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  1. Tempus says:

    Yea, it kinda sucks to see others have moved on while I embark on mine. Nevertheless, its something which I yearned, and will work dang hard on it.

    I've enjoyed it before, im there to enjoy it again!

    Enjoy the last semester, it usually ends 100X faster.

  2. savante says:

    And now you can look forward to the next journey!

  3. Jerrenn says:

    Bin: =( I will enjoy it!

    Savante: Indeed!