Thursday, 5 April 2012

Gosh, this blog is outdated!

It seems like a year ago since I last updated. You must be wondering (or maybe not) what I've been up to.

  • I watched the Hunger Games, which I'll write about later. 
  • I've completed a few presentations, which I'm really relieved about because it reduces my workload for the rest of the semester. I'm always volunteering to go first now. 
  • I took my IELTS test! Overall, very proud of my achievement. I should totally be a tutor, I could use some extra cash. (Just for the sake of me reading this in the future, I'm very proud of my 8.5 score)
  • Does anyone still remember the KONY 2012 thing? I'm really glad that I only had two discussions on the issue in class so far- more than that would've been overkill (that happened in the past, by the way- the downside of discussing current affairs is that you have to do it many times if all your tutors want to stay 'current')...
And that's about it.

I remember when blogging used to be easier, when I used this as a space to write about my opinions. I still write for myself, but I originally saw this as more of a space to air my opinions rather than write a journal, which to this day I refuse to do, so I'll carry on with writing about something else!

Did you know that in the U.S, they had a National Day of Unplugging a few weeks back? Basically, you are supposed to unplug all electronic devices- laptops, phones, iPods, and whatever gadgets that you may have.

What I found sad, though, was that as much as I would've liked to participate, I had so many things to do that I simply could not unplug. It wasn't that I was addicted to social media or the Internet- it was a necessity.

Which makes it all the more pathetic- I just could not afford to go without the Internet, for I would've had to risk falling behind on my work and deadlines.

 I totally felt like this in high school!

Then there's Mashable's Disconnect Challenge. This was tougher- going without social media for two weeks. I was quite unsure about this- after all, while I was in China over the summer, I was away from Facebook and Twitter for 6 weeks, although I was on Skype, and I do remember a discussion once in class over whether Skype is a social media- after all, it helps us connect with friends and family over the Internet, meet new people, but it is also an IM system in a way.

But I will be going on my own unplugging challenge. Come this Easter break, I will be- you guessed it, travelling! So I will be off... everything.

And I'm sure it will be awesome.
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