Sunday, 22 April 2012

So day one of my Easter trip was actually quite uneventful. We went to another town in Victoria called Geelong, and rented a car. Interestingly enough, we did not think of heading to our destination, Queenscliff, until the next day because of what we had planned- so we explored this city (I suppose you can call it that) an hour away by train. Nothing much to do there, nothing interesting. Except sleeping in the car overnight.

But that's not the topic. The next day I went snorkelling! So after getting suited up, all of us were brought on the boat that would take us out to sea and we would look for dolphins. I would say that overall, the activity was really fun, it was nice getting to go out to sea and doing something physical for a change.

Basically, we hold on to a plank at the bottom of the boat, and let it drag us in the water- just something to start the day off with. 

I did manage to spot a dolphin underwater! No pictures of that though, I don't have an underwater camera, and we were really far out in the sea that even when I look down, I couldn't see anything. It was just dark green water. The dolphin that I spotted just zipped past us, though it was perhaps a few metres away so I could still see it.


Next was snorkelling with seals. This was in shallower water, so we were basically just let off the boat and free to snorkel. Let me just put it out there that while seals are cute, they absolutely stink (or maybe it's their poop)! It's a good thing we had our snorkelling masks on, by the time I got on the boat and removed my mask, I almost puked at the smell of it.

Again, no pictures underwater but I did manage to get pictures of the seal tower!

That's why it stank so bad I suppose- because they were all together.

By the end of the day, I was cold and exhausted. It may look all warm and sunny, but it was actually about 20 degrees or less, and together with the wind, it was pretty chilly. And plus I did this:

Which was basically hanging on to a fast moving boat! Can you imagine holding on to a wet rope attached to a moving boat? Not the easiest thing in the world (even though I was smiling in this picture, with only one hand on the rope, I was actually telling myself 'Hold on! Don't let go!'). Of the four of us who tried it out, two of them let go and we had to go back to get them. Yours truly was one of the ones who managed to hang on, but I was quite exhausted that I really had needed them to pull me up. And my arms were just so sore for days.

But it was fun, though!
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  1. EeLyn says:

    That looks REALLY fun!! :D

  2. Tempus says:

    good going! shit, I so totally need to be a vet to enjoy all these!