Wednesday, 25 April 2012

I admit, when Pottermore was opened to be public a few weeks ago I rushed to sign up for it. Now, after about a week of having an account, I think I must've spent a cumulative time of 10 minutes or less on the site.

Maybe it's because of my busier schedule this time around. Maybe it's because the thought of going through the journey from Chapter 1 of Philosopher's Stone (the first book) seems too long a journey. Or maybe, just maybe, I'm slowly growing out of Harry Potter world (gasp!). I honestly do not know what is the reason behind this behaviour.

It's funny how when we grow older, our priorities change very easily. Just look at Harry Potter. When I was younger, it was my world- I read it whenever I could, wherever I could. But that's not the only thing. I had a very funny conversation with my mother recently, when I was told of the funnier aspects of my childhood- how I insisted on growing my hair beyond the usual crew cut because I wanted to be able to comb my hair. What followed (apparently) was years of religious combing- I would keep my hair neat. I do actually recall doing this all the way till the end of primary school, although by then I wasn't as particular about combing anymore.

But even in high school, I still had a comb that I use periodically for occasional events. And fast forward to currently, and I don't even have a comb! I know, I know, some people might be aghast at this confession, but then again, I doubt even the hairdressers that I go to use a comb when giving me a haircut.

And it really made me think back. Growing up, I had always had a curiosity for the smallest of things. Like tyre rims. And I could not understand why something like tyre rims aren't important to adults- how on Earth could you possibly have rims with different designs? Or why would anyone not think of toys and TV shows as the absolute joy on Earth?

So this is what growing up is like- some things just become less important, and you stop thinking about many things that were important to you. We stop caring about how we want our beds to be made. We stop caring about how big or small our handwriting is- we no longer care to curve our g's a certain way  or make sure the o's are round.

I wonder how I would be when I'm old- what things would still be important for me? What habits would I still have? What are the ones that I would no longer care about?

Hopefully, I wouldn't be too cynical about the world and think of everything as mundane and pointless. But then again, I can totally imagine myself being that person too.
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  1. Tempus says:

    ya know, the tutor doctor in my sit visit today was talking about same thing too. It's like when we are trying to rmb things, there's only max 7 we can rmb, when 8th comes in, we tend to forget the least prioritize item.

    oh gosh, I've forgot so many stuffs I can't recall practicing them!