Thursday, 2 February 2012

When I was younger, my family used the term 'the freezer' a lot with me.

What does it refer to? It is, simply, a term used to mock the way I would be ready to dump a toy into the abyss whenever a newer toy came along. And it's not just toys, this tendency (and sarcasm) would extend to gadgets, books, clothes, anything!

I guess in a way, it's an accurate representation of how I am- I am a person who gets bored easily, who's fickle-minded, who wouldn't hesitate to push something into the sidelines in favour of something newer and better.

I totally do that! (sometimes)

It's not really something that I've grown out of, even now (although the toy part doesn't apply anymore).

Now I'm not sure about how many people are like that as well, but I for one have never been able to sustain an interest in anything for long, except for a few things (like writing and reading). With computer games I don't even bother trying now because I know I'll get bored soon enough, but when it comes to my career, and what I want to do with my life, things get more complicated.

While I'm currently in a communications degree program, I sometimes do wonder if I'll actually continue to work in the industry after I graduate. And if not, what would I do. Sometimes it does feel as if I'm one of those people in the movies, the one who jumps from one thing to another, never following through, the quitters, the failures.

 The Bund in Shanghai (keep in mind that it was freezing cold, about 5 degrees, when I took this)

Other times it feels like I'm just a person who likes many different things and move on really quickly, which is also a good thing as I get to immerse myself in many different aspects of life.

But most of the time, I'm fickle minded; I don't know what I want. Looking back at my childhood, you can definitely tell just how quickly I jump from one fad to another- I've had lessons in piano (at Yamaha AND with 2 different tutors), guitar, swimming, tennis, badminton, wushu, Japanese, and probably a few others that I can't think of right now. And of all those, the ones whose skill I actually still have, is probably just swimming and badminton.

I just watched this Ryan Reynolds movie, called The Change-Up (trailer here if you've not seen it). It's about two guys (one successful, one not so successful) who switches bodies. Clich├ęd, but there were some rather interesting lessons in there- about how we envy other people's lives too much without appreciating what a good life we ourselves have; about how success is not just defined by your achievements at work but also at home, and about how childhood friends can still be close in adulthood even though they grow into completely different people.

But like I said earlier, there are some things that I've always been passionate about (even though it fluctuates a lot), like writing. Recently I had a sudden inspiration for a story, and have been rather excited about it, which is something I've not felt for a long time since I've only written research essays in the past few years (ugh!). As you know, it's not something I will ever tell my friends and family about, nor will I show anyone I know this story. But I do have high hopes for it!

Let's just hope it doesn't go into the freezer first, shall we?
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