Saturday, 28 January 2012

Upon my return from Shanghai, I've actually spent a lot of time catching up on sleep and other things that I've missed when I was there, like international news sites (not that they don't work, they just load uber slowly in China).

This Chinese New Year, was then spent either sleeping, or feasting on food. Other times was spent watching old episodes of my favourite TV shows (thanks, FBI) or reading magazines.

 So as you can see, I've been living a very luxurious life. Add me stuffing as much food as I can to take on the freezing cold weather in Shanghai, and suddenly it makes sense when I'm told that I've gained weight (a quick check on the weighing scale confirms this). Now while any other time I would be overjoyed by this news, now it seems I'm not so thrilled because:

1) I would rather the weight be seen on somewhere other than my face (which apparently is rounder now), like my arms, torso or legs.

2) It's a sign that my metabolism (could be) slowing, which means: I'm getting older

3) I hate getting old

But enough about saddening tales of growing old.

This Chinese New Year was a slightly different one from normal. Because. I. DROVE! Not all the way back to my parents' hometowns, but I did drive half of the time, and while I was there I drove quite a bit too. What I take from it: Rural places with two lanes, two-directions roads aren't that easy to navigate. I prefer wide three lanes one direction places. How intimidating it must have been for new drivers.

It's also the first time where I advocated coming home early. Normally, I enjoy staying at my mum's hometown for a longer time, because there would be books to read (as I only had about 15 minutes to pack I neglected the remember to bring books this time, a first for me!), food to eat (surprisingly, so many restaurants in Kedah / Penang were closed!), and extended family members to talk to (who had to work this time). So there really wasn't much to do, other than reading magazines as slow as possible, spending as much time as I can on 9gag, sleeping for as long as I can that wouldn't interrupt my night time sleep, AND sleeping as early as possible.

Now, I am back home, watching Astro, surfing the Net, and watching DVDs! Much better than slacking at home (okay I know there's not much of a difference between the two), which is why I'll end this entry here.

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