Monday, 17 October 2011

Just a few days ago, I was scrolling through Tweets when I stumbled upon this friend / acquaintance who Tweeted that it is unbelievable that their cousin, who is only about 10 or 11 years of age, already have a cell phone.

Have you ever observed (or perhaps you do this yourself) that, now that we are entering the adult world (in other words, we've had more life experience), and there are more and more people who are younger than us (gosh, I do miss the times when I could lay claim to being the youngest), and one of the things often talked about is how lucky those kids are to have the toys they have?

Now think again. How many times have you got annoyed when one of your parents, or both of them, said how lucky you were for having all the toys that you have, when they only played with pebbles, wood and whatever they could find in nature?

For a generation that complains constantly about how our parents never move with the times and are stuck in the past, we seem to be following in their footsteps.

So yes, kids nowadays are so much more fortunate because they are provided with gadget overload- they probably have an iPad in which to read and draw, a PS3, XBox or Wii to play games, a cell phone (if they're over 8 years old) to contact their parents, access to the computer and Facebook, yadah yadah yadah.

They're also subjected to overbearing parents who seem to think that milk powder, and not parental guidance, makes children smarter, and who can't imagine their kids doing any manual labour or playing outdoors.

 Anyway, the point is that we need to move on- times have changed, back when my parents were kids, fun meant running around in the wilderness, using anything and everything they can find as entertainment. Back when I was a kid, the standard was toy cars, model trains, puzzles and colour pencils.

We have to face it, today kids use iPads and other electronic gadgets instead. It's not that they are fortunate, or that they are spoilt, it's just that that is the norm today! We cannot judge the children of today based on our standards, just like how we can't judge the people of the times when lynching and racism was tolerated and encouraged.

Sometimes, I do think that it's just a lot of jealousy coming in. I mean, after all, our technology-loving generation hasn't grown up bombarded with gadgets the way kids today have, and I sometimes think if it is just envy that these children will get to enjoy these technologies for a longer time, just like I'm sure there will be some 30-something person resenting us for being able to use the smartphone in our teens and early adulthood.

I mean, come on, when I think about what I could've done had I had an iPad when I was young (okay not that much), I immediately think of what sort of person I could've been- reading would've been more attractive earlier because I could also vandalise the pages easily and erase them, and watch as the pictures move. Writing and drawing probably would've become more of a priority, too.

And I'm sure many others live vicariously through these children. We think of the what-ifs, and that results in us complaining about how lucky these kids are. But we have gotten so egocentric that we do not realise how lucky we have been growing up as well.
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  1. EeLyn says:

    I never owned toy cars and model trains, and I used to find fun in the nature too! Well, not exactly NATURE, but just outside in the house compound. I'd enjoy playing with dried leaves, pebbles and sand + pipe water. Hahaha

    It's the upbringing I guess? But of course, I loved colouring too.

    Actually, I wouldn't say kids these days are lucky(or luckier than us)! I liked the way I was brought up - half nature, half 'man made toys'. Technology, to me, came in at just the right time. So basically I'm thankful for everything I had and am having :D (p/s: I don't have smart phones/ipod)

    Kids these days, to me, are just born to grow up in a different way from ours. So yeah, I'm not one of those envious/jealous people. I'm happy! hahaha

  2. Jerrenn says:

    Glad to know you aren't one of those people!