Friday, 23 September 2011

It appears that spring hasn't really fully set in yet as we do still experience chilly days once every few days, which is a little annoying since I'm looking forward to experiencing warm weather, like the 29 degree day a few days back where I could survive by just wearing a T-shirt. But that's also because I've never been a fan of cold weather, and the prospect of having to spend a winter in Shanghai when I could spend a summer back home or here (What?? I'm going Shanghai?!?!).

But on the bright side, I get to acclimatise to winter and hopefully get used to it (if I'm successful in getting a job here after graduation it will come in handy!).

So anyway, today I'll be writing about something I read in my university's magazine. It was what someone wrote about how Enid Blyton's books had gave her a childhood, and how it is so stupid of adults to think that some names and terms would teach children the wrong things, because as kids we don't care about those things, it's the story that matters!

One of her examples was The Magic Faraway Tree series, and she made a list of what were deemed inappropriate by today's standards, but then said:

Publishers and adults advocating for changes in Blyton's novels are forgetting what it was like to me as a child. She captured the imagination of young minds. Enid Blyton gave me a pretty great world to escape into and I think all kids at one time or another, no matter what decade they grow up in, needs that. 

Having read The Magic Faraway Tree series myself, I have to say I completely agree with her. It didn't matter how inappropriate the details were, I simply loved the stories because they were a window to another world- I could escape into a world where families lived next to the woods, and could play in the forest and climb trees and enjoy the outdoors.

Another blogger wrote about how her daughter loved the series when she read her old books, but hated it when her mother bought the new edited ones.

But of course, if I were to ask for anyone's opinion it would probably be the same as mine as people who read this blog are mostly my peers anyway, but it would definitely be interesting to listen to one of those proponents of editing Enid Blyton's book speak.

And I'm done with my ranting. Here's a trailer of a TV show that I'm about to start watching. Hope it's good!

Have a great weekend!
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