Saturday, 27 August 2011

I'm back! For now, that is- my mid-semester break has started so I have a little more extra time for myself. Even though I stayed at home entirely today I felt that it was a productive day- caught up on some TV shows, cleaned my room, got some rest, and of course, READ (well just a few pages, actually).

Remember my previous entry where I talked about contemplating life, and I mentioned that one of my life goals is to travel the world? Today's entry is entirely devoted to that.

I actually do read a couple of travel blogs, and some of them are really interesting to read. Just take a look at this photo I took from this blog A Little Adrift on a trip to rural China.

Really amazing, isn't it? My wish would be to be able to see it for myself one day. There are many different types of travellers, and I happen to be the type who likes to see nature. Granted, I do still enjoy being in cities, and would like to see major cities of the world as well, but it feels so much more relaxing when you're able to disconnect from the world. Just read this interesting piece about taking a digital sabbatical.

I've always wanted to take a road trip through America, like in the movies. I've always wanted to backpack across Europe, like so many other people do. I'd like to travel all the continents, and then I can say for sure that I've seen the world. But of course, I also want to discover hidden gems, like this clip from Around The World For Free:

That show definitely reminds me of a friend of mine who hitchhiked around Malaysia. That's just such an inspirational story that makes you wonder why you complain about trivial matters.

I am almost done. I just have one last clip to show. This was taken recently at Adelaide, and the clip has since been (according to news) used in safety videos.

I realised that I'm less than 2 weeks away from being an adult. Now that's scary.

Have a great weekend!
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  1. EeLyn says:

    I went to Yangshuo(the place that blogger who travelled rural China mentioned) before!

    Also, just as I share the same dream to travel the world, I'm also the type of traveller who likes to see nature... and historical/cultural heritages, of course. :D

    Less than two weeks away from being an adult! I have exactly two weeks more! Haha

  2. Jerrenn says:

    I realised another thing: I like travelling alone! Typical introvert, haha!