Wednesday, 10 August 2011

I've no idea how 8 days passed by so quickly, even though it seems like a month ago since I watched Harry Potter and wrote the last entry. Everything seemed to just have zoomed past; I'd imagine it feels just like when you look out the window of a fast-moving train- things come at you at a blur and you don't really see things, but somehow time passes by and you don't realise what has happened until you reach your destination.

Anyway, considering how I need to get a lot of things done (I'm not sure if I should explain it- majority of my readers already know why I'm so busy lately and it also would seem very narcissistic) I don't have the time to type out a long blog post, so for now, you'll have to bear with me.

Brief updates:

1. Went on a day trip to the Great Ocean Road. This place is called London Bridge, because part of it fell off (that's why I think the name came about, anyway).

2. Been following (or trying to follow, anyway) this show called Around The World For Free. I would not mind doing it, except that I probably would not survive that long!

3. Uni work's been weird this semester. Already I've handed up one assignment and have one due this week.

4. I finished reading Battle Hymn of the Tiger Mother! I highly recommend this book to everyone, it's a pretty good read. But I'll write up a review later, anyway.

And that's all for now! Till next time!
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