Saturday, 30 July 2011

I stumbled on this video when I was looking up on a campaign that I read about in my uni's magazine. It's a pretty empowering and enlightening video.

Would you try it out? Basically, the project is that you're supposed to live on less than $2 AUD (over here, anyway) a day, for 5 days. And you get people you know / support you to donate to the cause, and all the proceeds go towards helping end poverty.

Now, the campaign is over, but I thought that it's a rather powerful cause. Maybe I'll join next year (I stress on the maybe). Anyone up for donating in my name?
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  1. dhavati says:

    ok, you've got one donor here .....or two, no, there should be three, mom , dy & ce .

  2. Tempus says:

    if i started earning, maybe la