Monday, 25 July 2011

I'm a little shocked that it's a week tomorrow since I last updated, because I honestly have not really thought about this blog that much in the past week- just been pretty busy!

But today's post will be about tomorrow- I will be watching Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows Part 2! I wasn't excited yet when we bought the tickets on Sunday, but I definitely am excited now!

For those of you who don't know, I'll just have to refresh your memories. Harry Potter means a lot to me. My journey with Harry did not start in the 90s when J.K. Rowling first emerged; rather it was only in 2001 (I think) when I watched Harry Potter and the Sorcerer's Stone at the movies that I began to read Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban (yes I skipped Chamber of Secrets; but I read it after Azkaban).

And I was hooked- I began devouring word after word, page after page of J.K. Rowling's brilliance. After that there was no turning back- I moved on to other books, and thus began my love for reading, and later, writing as well. But the reason Harry Potter is so special to me is because I cannot imagine myself not being a bookworm and someone who aspires to get published. I don't know what I would've been like had I not stumbled on Harry, but I sure as hell would not have been the person I am today, which is why I'm thankful that the books actually shaped who I am today.

The books- they mean so much to me! And I definitely need to take a picture of my own Harry Potter books. 

So, if you did the maths, it's been an 11-year journey, a long time if you will, but I definitely am ready to move on. Of course, the world of Harry Potter will always be special to me, because it has been such an important part of my childhood and who I am today; but now that I'm all grown up and have different priorities, it is time to keep those memories and carve new ones (but then again, I could just continue living in that world if J.K. Rowling's new project is interesting).

Look at how much they've grown! Hmmm... I wonder what I looked like when I first started reading the books?

I will definitely be posting a review of the movie in the next few days, but it will definitely be biased and filled with personal meanings, so maybe I should call it a reflection instead.

I'm thinking that you can tell that this movie is no ordinary movie- it has a lot of very personal memories and emotions, it brings back memories of a time when I didn't have to worry about whether I've made preparations for my next meal, or whether I've done all my chores and responsibilities. The end of the movie will definitely be symbolic- I started my journey back home, as a 10 year-old, who discovered that some books are actually worth reading, and will end it here, in Melbourne, a little over a month shy of turning 20, who worry about so many other things in life.

Now I've to begin preparing for class tomorrow! See you!
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  1. JL says:

    It is the end of another chapter in our lives i guess =D