Saturday, 2 July 2011

Originally, I had planned to update tomorrow, also adding that I will be away for a week.

Then today, I found out that my flight to Brisbane has been cancelled. Apparently, the Civil Aviation Safety Authority suspended the airline's operations in Australia because of safety concerns (if you're really that interested, here's a news report on the issue).

Can you imagine me doing that?

While I was by no means as inconvenienced as so many other passengers, there are doubts in my head whether or not my return trip will be affected (according to the announcement, I'm returning a day AFTER the grounding is scheduled to end). Now that will be an experience- it would be my first time being grounded in an airport, possibly having to hole up in the airport's hotel, or worse, right in the airport itself.

But there are bright sides to this tale. When purchasing the ticket, even though many people told me that it is highly unlikely that anything would happen (I was afraid of losing my luggage), I calculated that it was an investment- it costs 12 AUD, whereas I will definitely be packing more than 12 dollars' worth of items. And coincidentally, it covers cancellation of flights as well, so I'm definitely hoping that this will work to my advantage as well.

Anyway, today has been a relatively hectic day spent trying to sort out this whole mess. However, I did learn a few things about myself- I don't get as easily rattled anymore. I didn't freak out, didn't get frustrated and started to regret anything. I was actually.. indifferent. Even went out for a leisurely lunch.

Maybe Failblog helped

I guess after all, in life, we should always strive to seek out the humour in a frustrating situation? I mean, I'm pretty sure I'm the only person you know so far who have encountered being in this situation before. After all, the incident has happened, there's nothing you can do, so there's no point regretting.

I'd like to be one of those people who is always thinking positively, pushing the negative aside and not letting challenges frustrate me. I actually think these sort of people are very inspiring, the way that they can maintain calm even when they are being put in horrible circumstances. They're like the beacon of light that pushes other people along, and I think being one of those people isn't too bad (like this person)!

So yes, my flight's been cancelled, but I'm booked on another airline, departing a day later instead. Hopefully, I'll think of something to write about before I leave.

If not, see you when I get back! (I'll let you know if I get stranded- through checking my Twitter would probably be a better idea since I can update it from my phone)
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