Friday, 17 June 2011

Today was a day for revelations.

I sat for my first exam ever in Australia, and in university, today. It was actually an exciting experience, as I wanted to see how differently an exam would be like over here versus back home. I happily report that there is nothing different, really- we needed to have our student IDs, no handphones, only transparent pencil cases allowed.

But while preparing for the exam, I stumbled upon- my pencil case! Technically, it has been next to my laptop all this while but I just never really opened it to look at its contents. So imagine my surprise today when I found- stationeries from high school! There were my trusted Pilot G-1 gel pens, which in itself brought back some good memories because they have been with me for approximately about... 4-5 years now.

I wanted to look for an image of G-1 pens, but felt it wouldn't do my pens justice. Weird, I know. 

I know, it's funny that I seem so sentimental, even when it's about pens. Then there's the ballpoint pens that I bought specially for SPM, because that's what we were advised to do (ballpoint ink doesn't fade when it gets wet). I remember one particular faulty pen that leaked ink. Yes, it was still in there too.

Then there are the assortment of other stationeries I brought with me in case I needed them- glue, highlighters,  spare ruler, lead for my pencil (which has also been with me a long time).

It's so funny, how one post of my exam turned into one of walking down memory lane via pens. Pens, of all things. But then again, they are an essential part of a high schooler's life, no? We take notes with them, complete homework with them, fiddle with them in classes when we're bored.

The next revelation: the end of my exam, which brings to an official close this semester, means something- I'm halfway through my university life.

Great advice, though not easy to follow through.

I've completed 3 semesters now, with another 3 to go. Oddly enough, I don't feel as if I've adjusted to life abroad to be able to say that I'm halfway through. It still feels, largely, like I have a long way to go, a lot more to grow.

A semester here lasts 12 weeks. So minus all the holidays, in 12 weeks I would be two-thirds done. Two thirds!

Looks like I've just found a winter adaptation method. 'Halfway done, halfway done' (in case you're wondering, I spur myself on like that a lot).

(this is a second, more awesome trailer if you're tired of me repeating about how much I want to watch the last movie)

Have a great weekend, and be kind to one another (took that from Ellen DeGeneres)!
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