Sunday, 15 May 2011

Yes, I know, I've made a few minor changes to my blog's appearance. The most glaring will be the CBox. I did this for two reasons. The first, being that rarely anyone comments anymore.

The second relates to what this post is about: my past entries. I was going through my previous posts, and realised that I remember some people commenting on it, except that it was on the CBox and not the post itself so the comment's pretty much gone. If you know me, you'll know that I can be very sentimental, and I definitely would like to have those comments stored.

I also took the liberty of organising most of my posts according to labels. 'My life' would be mostly about updates on my life, or on insights that I've come to realise, or things like that that's personal. 'Thoughts' would be my opinion on a topic. 'Reviews' would be movie reviews, 'abroad' would be my thoughts and experiences on living overseas, and the rest are self explanatory.

While sorting out those entries, I definitely got a little nostalgic.

I was reminded of old high school trips, full of laughter and being crazy and letting loose, a time when my friends brought out my true self, when I could be wild (in my way) and be happy.

I was reminded of fearless times when the supernatural was not really feared, but not respected, either. But that of course, changed when I found out that it was a true story.

Just to brag to those of you who don't know, I was elected Treasurer twice, in the morning and afternoon sessions. I'm pretty sure not many have done it, and it is an achievement I'm extremely proud of. You may think it's trivial because it happened back in high school, but let me assure you it's not. 

I was reminded of the time when I 'retired' from the prefectorial board and found that I missed the times when I could skip classes and lead a hectic life in school, instead of the aimless ones normal students have.

I was reminded of my best birthday ever, when a couple of close friends took time away from their exam preparations to celebrate my 17th.

I was reminded of a tiring but extremely fun trip to Genting with friends, in which we crammed into two small hotel rooms in First World Hotel, and made the place look like a drug addict's hideout (no seriously, it looked like one- we had pills everywhere. Pills for minor ailments, mind you).

Err... dodgy much? 

Those were fond high school memories, and I would love to relive them.

Then, college came.

I was reminded of a tiring weeklong orientation.

I was reminded of the time when I watched an impressive 7 movies in 4 weeks.  That was when I realised that I became a movie buff.

I was reminded of a trip to a friend's hometown in Kuching.

Then there's the day I got my SPM results.

But all too soon, it all came to an end when I completed my Foundation year. I made some amazing friends, and learned a lot not just about our country and its people, but in so many others things as well. The social sciences had opened my eyes to the big world out there.

I was reminded, also, of the most amazing holiday I've had with friends. After a year of growing slightly distant due to college, we got back together, and spent the limited time we have left together. It was, truly, our last moment of innocence, our last moment of being children and carefree, our last moment together, before we spread our wings and flew in our own separate directions.

Then, I arrived in Australia. Had one of the worst years of my life, but also one in which I grew the most. I would say even that last year was a year of self discovery. From it all, I emerged a stronger and better person. Upon coming home, I found myself changed , and summed it up in a poem I learned in high school.

And finally, that brings me here. Through all the ups and downs, all the happiness, all the obstacles, all the bittersweet memories, all the nostalgia, I am here.

And here lies the beauty of blogging- you look through them, and you find all the wonderful memories. You have a diary that you can reminisce, a journal of your childhood (depending on when you blogged, of course), a statement of your identity. There are many more past entries that I'd like to remind you of, but they won't fit into one entry.

While it is always good to think about the good old days, it should not hold you back from what lies ahead. Neither I nor you know what lies in the future, waiting for us, but I hope for the best.

And of course, I'll try to blog about it to read when I'm old.
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  1. EL says:

    hmm.. removing the cbox sounds like a very good idea! especially with all the bots spamming it. guess i'll be removing mine too. you're right about the comments thing. :D

    oh and yess that's why i blog! so that i can read back about my life. which was why i always said i'm still myself online, not blogging for the sake of creating an online image. hahahah. i guess u have some views against this? :P

  2. Tempus says:

    haha owh well, i've done like recaps multiple times about my form 6, and a few more about so many past lives. Owh by the way, you are safe to put my blog add back to your blog roll if you feel like it. I'm fine with it now. Screw everything else.

  3. Jerrenn says:

    EL: well I wouldn't say I blog for creating an online image, but to a certain extent it is a performance, for me anyway. I write differently than how I would speak, and I don't reveal all of my thoughts, but it is still one part of me. You can say that that small part of me is magnified when it comes to my online identity?

    Bin: I was wondering the same thing! Now that I've permission I'll be adding you =)