Friday, 6 May 2011

So the second day, we started earlier because we wanted to take a detour and Phillip Island is further away.

The detour is Frankston, this seaside town that has a sand sculpture exhibition. And of course, I'm not talking about sand castles, I'm talking about actual sculptures that require not only talent and creativity but also a lot of patience.

Those are some of the sculptures. The theme was Creepy Crawlies, if you're wondering why the artists sculpted bugs of all things. On the brochure I read that after the exhibition it is bulldozed. Yes, bulldozed. That's because the sand is some type of stronger sand that sticks together better.

After getting awed by the creativity of these sculptures we headed to Phillip Island. It's about 2 hours away from Melbourne, and I would say would be something like the equivalent of Langkawi? A getaway from the city (though that's not the case for Langkawi), an island on its own that's mostly for tourists. The first attraction we went was this smaller island called Churchill Island. The view was pretty awesome (at that time, the weather in Victoria was still sunny and not too cold), although the activities there (sheep shearing, horse riding, etc) was more suited for kids.

Next, we went to a koala conservation park. We saw a few koalas, watched one eat close up (they're really slow eaters, by the way) and then realised that there's nothing much other than that to see, so we moved on to our final destination of the day: the Penguin Parade!

It was at this beach where we would be able to see tiny penguins come to shore from who knows where they went, and move to their burrows. I only managed to see a few coming to shore (people were blocking me and they were so tiny and dark coloured and it was getting dark) but there were so many of them walking towards their burrows, it was so cute! They're probably only the length of the tip of your finger to your elbow.  And if say 10 of them walk together, but if they're from different burrows some will stop and just stand there and wait for their burrow mates to walk together.

And you know how penguins walk like. They were wet, they looked disoriented, and were so tiny, but were nonetheless cute. Unfortunately, I didn't snap any photos or videos because use of cameras is prohibited.

At Churchill Island

And that's it! It was completely dark by the time we left, once again we began the journey home to rest and to prepare for our first and only overnight trip. Overall, Phillip Island was pretty good. We didn't have enough time, though, so a possible trip next time could be an overnight one.

Just as a teaser, of all the three destinations I enjoyed the last one the most! There's jaw-dropping scenery (though it might look pretty normal to you, I don't have a DSLR),  a cosy cottage and... a 'town' that consists of two shops.
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