Saturday, 21 May 2011

Okay sorry for the long delay! Anyway on the third day we left really early, around 8 in the morning, as Wilson's Promontory is pretty far away.

On the way, we made an unplanned detour at a farm, and had a light breakfast there and saw some farm animals (some cows are huge, by the way- as tall as me, I think). There was also this machine for milking cows which we saw, but didn't have a chance to witness the milking because it only takes place in the evenings.

Dwarf horse

I tried to fend off sleepiness on the road, but failed and so by the time I woke up, we were at this place called Sandy Point and were trying to find out cottage. You see, we had rented an entire cottage (it's really small, just two rooms) at that place, which was about 20 minutes by car away from Wilson's Prom. And as its name suggests, Sandy Point is a beach town.

Finally, we found the extremely cosy and homey Seagull's Cottage, put our things down, and went to the main street where there were a couple of shops, including a 'general store' selling most of the things you might need, from video rentals to groceries. We bought some groceries as we planned to have our own BBQ that night. So after going back once again to put the things in the cottage we finally made the journey to Wilson's Prom. It's a national park that was closed because of the recent floods, and had only reopened for Easter.

The inside of the cottage- look at all the books! I could sit there all day enjoying myself. 

But we made another detour to this town called Yanakie, where we bought some supplies that we'd forgotten we'd need for the BBQ. There were only two shops there, a petrol station and another general store. It was actually really fun and exciting being in rural Australia. It was on the way to Wilson's Prom.

During the bus ride 

The beach

Here I'd suggest that everyone go to a national park, because it was awesome! We wanted to go to this place called Tidal River, and had to park our car at a makeshift carpark (with mobile toilets, too) and take a shuttle bus uphill (the road was damaged see, so for safety reasons they just asked everyone to take the bus). The 20 minute trip was just filled with breathtaking views of nature.

What greeted us at the top was a camping site, and a beach! Very odd combination, I know. But basically that place is where you would go to if you planned to camp out at Wilson's Prom.

The beach, again 

Caused by the floods?

The view of the beach was stunning, too! It was in the middle of nowhere, uphill even, and suddenly there's a beach! It was extremely unexpected. There were quite a number of people there enjoying the sunshine. We stayed for quite some time, took some photos, and finally waited for the bus to go back down as it was evening already.

On the way back, the bus driver actually stopped at one point to let us down to take photos. He was a very funny man and could definitely be a tour guide as well. When we finally reached the car it was getting dark already, and when we got back it was completely dark and getting cold. So what do you expect a couple of cold (or maybe just me), tired and hungry people do? We had an indoor BBQ (thank goodness the BBQ set was electrical). Food was quite good considering the limited resources we had.

On the bus ride back

That night was spend just chilling around, enjoying the fireplace, some TV, some board games, before calling it a night. I for one camped out at the living hall because that was the only place with heating. For me, sleeping on the floor for a night in a heated room was preferable to a bed in a cold room.

The next morning, after having some light breakfast and packing up, we stopped at Yanakie's general store again to get some food for lunch, then headed to Wilson's Prom again.

We started by going for a nature walk. The first stop was this beautiful swampy area (not as swampy as rainforests back home, however) that was on low tide. The view was simply amazing- the rocks, the sea, the trees, and... jellyfish. Yes, jellyfish. A lot of them. They were beached, and hence couldn't go anywhere. You can even see their brains and all!

And seeing that it was the sea, it was extremely windy. You can actually hear the sound of the wind!

Then, we wanted to go uphill again. This time we wanted to walk up to this observatory peak, where we could enjoy the view and have our lunch. When we reached there, we found that that place was closed, although we could go further up to another peak. Since we were already there, we went for it.

 Not at the top yet!

Now, that's the view from the peak! 

I was hungry, and thirsty, and had to spur myself to get to the top, but it was completely worth it. We had to trek such a long way uphill that it seemed to take forever; many times I thought we had reached but as it turned out, it was just a bend and we had to continue. But when we finally reached the top, I couldn't believe my eyes. It was breathtaking, jaw-dropping, stunning, amazing, and many other things.

We had our sandwiches, some chips and just sat there enjoying the breeze and the view. Then, another group came up with a guide, and that guide said that this is the only place in the world where you can see two seas / oceans at once- Pacific and Southern.

One of the seas, taken before I reached the top

The other sea

After staying for perhaps 45 minutes at the top we headed down. Not surprisingly, after having some food the journey down seemed much shorter.

Anyway, by the time we sat back down in the car we were simply exhausted, and didn't want to go to any place requiring us to trek anymore, so we went to this lake.

Here, upon arriving, an old couple greeted us and the husband said that he had spotted a brown snake sunning itself. Apparently, brown snakes are the most venomous type of snake in the world, and had he not have experience he probably would not have spotted it. His wife took a photo, and was very close to aggravating the snake. He told us that since it was hot, the snake would be slower so we would still have a chance to outrun it., What I thought at that time was 'yeah, that's reassuring, thanks' (sarcasm if you didn't recognise it).

So we made slow and quiet progress to the end of the path, keeping an eye out. But the man came back after us, saying he'll show us where it is. When we reached there, which was much closer to the entrance than I'd thought, guess what?

The snake wasn't there.

Now while some people might be relieved, my panic level went up a few notches. What if it's keeping an eye on us, waiting to inject its deadly venom (a human will die in half an hour)? In the end, we reached the end of the road, saw the lake, took some pictures, and left.

 The lake

See the dark area at the top of the photo where trees from both sides meet? That was the path in which the snake was spotted, and which we had to go through to get back to the car

By that time, we had had enough of trails. So we decided to make one last stop at a town called Foster. Now this is a proper town- it had at least an entire row (and on both sides of the road, too!) of shops. Feeling hungry, we bought some fried chicken (which tasted heavenly) and consumed it in a park. After that, the driver went back to the car for a nap while the rest of us explored the town a bit.

That was painted on a wall

After another half hour or so, we reckoned we'd covered the entire town, and so went back to the car, and began the journey back to Melbourne. I must say, I actually enjoyed Wilson's Prom a lot. Just getting away from tall buildings and the city for a bit seemed refreshing, and it didn't hurt that the scenery was worth every dollar spent.

So that's that. My Easter trip.
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  1. EL says:

    Jellyfishes' brains! O_O

    The cottage looks cosy. =D

  2. Jerrenn says:

    Not a normal thing to see eh!

    Yeah, it was really cosy, I even read a children's story book!