Wednesday, 27 April 2011

I don't know why it's taken so long for me to realise this (probably because it's really narcissistic to do so, but I don't care), but I've only just thought about putting up a list of websites I frequent when I'm online. There are 10 of them in total, in no particular order.

1. Mashable

My favourite site for tech news! Last year or so I suddenly became one-hundredth techie. This site features a lot of different news, like product releases from Apple to tips on using social media for your company. It's founded by this guy called Pete Cashmore, who is actually very young as well, comparable to Mark Zuckerberg, even.

2. The New York Times

Although they recently created a paywall, it's really easy to bypass it. NY Times is exactly how I want to write like if I were a journalist or writer. The articles are mostly extremely well written, with language that's vivid and sophisticated at the same time. Here's an article about a geisha who survived the recent Japan tsunami.

3. E! Online

Although E! isn't the most popular entertainment website, I really like the way they construct, write and market their news stories. Also, they don't give too broad a definition as to what's a celebrity. Half the people featured in TMZ I've not even heard of. And yes, I do enjoy getting my regular dose of entertainment news.

4. Beers and Beans

This is a travel blog, written by an American couple. I do wish to travel after I graduate, perhaps go on a trip around the world. There are some very interesting updates and insights about the countries they visited (backpacking, of course!).

5. Follow Our Footsteps

One half of the duo

Another travel blog by a couple. Also very enjoyable, although I think they've completed their round the world trip judging by the lack of updates recently, but all the entries are there, so it's still worth a visit. Reading it will make you want to travel too!

6. Nicole Chocoa Heaven

A local travel blog! Her entries can be very unrelated to travel, sometimes downright annoying (the type you'll find on random blogs- emo stuff), but I'm assuming that's when she's taking a break from travelling. Link's at the right sidebar.

7. KampungboyCitygal

A travel/food blog. Nothing special, just makes you hungry sometimes, that's all.

8. VKeong

Another travel/food blog. Really good photos, which can make you even hungrier than the previous one.

9. WorkAwesome

I'm not sure which category does this blog go into, but it provides very nice tips on making your working life much more enjoyable, like redesigning your office space. Here's an entry on how to have an effective team meeting.

10. FailBlog + FailBook

Ahhh. Fails. How could this list ever be complete without it? If you don't already know what it is, go through my previous entries. You'll find many pictures from both sites that I used. Of course, there are videos too, which can be hilarious.

And that's all! Will update about my Easter trip soon!
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