Wednesday, 20 April 2011

Right now as I'm typing this, I'm also watching a TV show on my laptop. Although I know from research that your performance actually deteriorates as you focus your attention on more than one thing, but hey, this is the only way to be able to get everything done on time AND have enough rest (which is extremely important for me, I get cranky with sleep deprivation).

Anyway, today something really embarrassing happened to me. So first, let me introduce you to this thing called self-serve checkouts. Basically, at supermarkets here you can do your own shopping and make the payment yourself as well, just bring it to the counter, scan the items yourself and make the payment via a debit card (they call it EFTPOS here).

Sunny Melbourne, something I miss.

So I was doing the usual grocery shopping and thinking about what I need, which today was mostly vegetables. And today was a rather different day because I was flitting between many different types of vegetables.

But when I was finally done, I headed to the self-serve checkouts. Then I started scanning. The thing is, how it works here is that for fresh food like fruits and vegetables, or things like ham and chicken meat, you look the item up and then put it on the weighing scale and viola!

So when I started, I scanned the items with barcodes since it takes less time. Anyway, it was done really quickly, coz like I said, I had more stuff without barcodes. So the first thing I picked up was a brinjal / aubergine. Then it hit me. Here they don't call it aubergines. And they don't call it brinjals either. And I couldn't remember what it was called! Starting to panic, I tried to think, and came up with nothing. So I thought, that's all right, I'll do the rest and then come back to it.

With the last two items left, I was doomed. I still could not recall what that thing's called. So many options were going through my head, but I had to call for assistance. And she said "it's under E. Eggplant".

Right! Eggplant. It was so embarrassing! But in hindsight, extremely hilarious as well. Thankfully the lady was not an Australian (she looked Indian), otherwise I would've thought that I had given a wrong perception that Asians aren't good at English.

So that's that. An update. Also, a movie trailer below.

P.S. Easter break's begun. Hopefully you'll see more of me. Or not, considering all that I have to do!
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