Saturday, 5 March 2011

My apologies for not updating sooner, I only just got my internet connection today.

Anyway, I've arrived at Melbourne. The flight was delayed for a really long time. Apparently, the system crashed sometime after I checked in (but before departure), and so it took a much longer time for them to check everyone in. As there were no problems with my check in, I boarded the plane as usual anyway.

When everyone were finally in the plane, we were told that they had to refuel first! And so we took off much, much later than expected. Then, the next morning, as we were about to land, the pilot announced that the landing has been pushed back. Basically the flight was delayed for a good two hours, or more. By the time we were allowed to exit everyone was beyond weary. We just wanted to get out of the plane.

Enrolment wasn't all smooth sailing either. RMIT has this very weird way of running things that is very similar to back home. I was referred to a different person, each telling me that they cannot advise me on my credit transfer. Believe it or not, I only got it sorted out this week.

And as my Internet is really slow and refuses to let me upload photos, I'll just end this post with a video. I first knew about it through this article. It's about a Chinese New Year ad that was aired in China, and the article summed it up really well:

It reflects the other, more poignant side to China’s great leap into modernity and globalisation – that of the emotional cost of chasing a dream.

Very touching, right? Maybe it doesn't resonate with a person who hasn't been abroad, but I definitely know what people like him went through.
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