Sunday, 23 January 2011

1. I should have known better than to take my four-year-old son shopping with me. I spent the entire time in the mall chasing after him.

Finally, I'd had it. 'Do you want a stranger to take you?!' I scolded.

Thrilled, he yelled back, 'Will he take me to the zoo?'

2. While my husband and I were busy choosing an air-conditioner to buy in the store, our six-year-old son was wandering around when he spotted a very inviting spa bed.

We overheard the saleslady say to him, 'Do you know what's written there? It says "thank you for not sitting"'.

He answered innocently, 'Yes, I know. That's why I am lying down'.

3. When my friend spotted a blind man and his guide dog at a crosswalk, she stopped her car and waved them on. 'Uh, Cynthia,' I said, 'he can't see you'.

'I know that,' she said indignantly. 'I'm waving the dog on'.
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