Wednesday, 19 January 2011

Few days back I woke up early in the morning just to watch the Golden Globes live, only to realise that if I had slept in I would still have been able to catch the repeat the same night. But by that time, I was already too far out of sleepiness to be able to go back to sleep, so I watched the entire thing.

That's something that I'm actually grateful for- TV. Granted, it was better before I left (then, the packages weren't so expensive so my parents still subscribed to the movies and sports package), but it is still way better than not having any TV to watch at all- the last few months of 2010. I kept myself in my room, and whatever entertainment I got, came from my laptop.

In many ways like this, coming home is like going on a vacation- you allow yourself some luxury, forget about your worries, re-energise and have a good time. Not that being abroad is tiring. It's just that being there I had to make many adjustments in my lifestyle, and it is only by coming back do I get to enjoy things from home, like food, books, TV, badminton, etc.

When I'm home, I'm suddenly interested in writing and reading again, things I've not enjoyed much overseas. I've also have a fiercer passion for reading fiction, probably because the last few books I've read are non-fiction- I need to healthy dose of creative writing now. Recent events also gave me an idea for a story, so I've been preparing it when I'm in the mood. Hopefully, I can start writing soon (and hopefully have the discipline to continue writing it even when I'm in Melbourne).

Anyway, here are some of the things I've noticed since coming home:

1. Drivers are pretty impatient. Luckily I'm rarely one of them. I've been injected with the patience of Aussie drivers.

2. I got so used to having a microwave I actually thought of microwaving some food before realising there isn't one.

I'd love to visit the place that has this sign!
3. I think this is something that we all get used to growing up, but honestly, home is pretty... dirty. One night when going out to a mamak with friends I walked past the tar roads and saw the holes, uneven road surfaces and rubbish. Suddenly all these become so much more obvious than before.

4. I find it irritable when people ask me what am I 'doing' now, because explaining that I'm in Australia studying public relations has suddenly gotten so much of a chore- you do it over and over again, and yet it doesn't lessen. But it's all right. The fault's entirely mine.

5. Home isn't as disabled friendly as Adelaide.

6. I complain about the public transportation in Adelaide (it's not frequent enough, blah blah blah). But I also complain about the public transportation here (never take the KTM during peak hours... you'll discover a whole new meaning to the words 'sandwich' and 'close contact').

7. I also find it irritable when people complain about how lousy home is and that they'd rather be elsewhere. Seriously, we've had it good. You don't want to be spending RM 9 / 3 AUD on a plain roti canai do you? Complaining is only good when you do something about it (okay that might be a little hypocritical).

8. It takes a lot to amuse me. The hidden ingredient is that I take pleasure from other people's foolishness (Hint: Wipeout!).

I managed to watch that scene on the Amazing Race on TV today. It's so much funnier when you watch it on a wider screen!

That's it for now. Enjoy this trailer of the movie Limitless, starring Bradley Cooper and Robert de Niro.

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