Saturday, 4 December 2010

Today has been a typical day in summer. I never thought that I would experience this, because cool weather had still persisted until last week. And I definitely stand by my opinion- feeling warm is so much better than feeling cold.

Anyway, today's entry is going to be a short one, because I am too tired after having only a few hours' sleep. It may be only 10 pm but I am ready to lie down on my bed already.

This article had a very interesting standpoint- nowadays normal people engage in accidental spying, that is, when they stumble upon information of their friends or family that they weren't supposed to know. For example:

You grab your girlfriend’s phone to check the time — and bam, there’s a text from her ex-boyfriend. You crack open your daughter’s laptop to show her a Flickr album — kapow, there’s her friends-only Blogspot in fully accessible glory. You surf to Gmail the day after your friend used your computer, and hello, friend’s inbox.

And the second thing I have to share is a video on social media addiction.

Yes, the video's funny, but I think it has a point.

All right, I am going to sign off now before I start typing out incomprehensible junk. Till tomorrow (I hope)!
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