Saturday, 11 December 2010

I think parents have an obligation not to bring their infants on flights. Young kids should never, ever travel. By young I mean 3 years old and below. Even those under 10 I doubt should be brought on planes.

Why do I think this? Yesterday on my flight home I had the misfortune to have at least 2 mothers sitting at the row in front of mine. It was a horrible experience, for their kids were just learning to walk and could barely speak. Needless to say, they got restless very quickly and was very fussy about so many things, which meant for the whole 7 hours I had to endure a whole lot of crying and screaming. More often than not, when one cried he/she would trigger the other one and the whole plane would be drowned in their wails.

While sometimes it is really essential for making a trip, like in the case of the woman in front of me who lives in Adelaide but is travelling home to some European country (I could not remember what country she's from, I was trying to think of the peace I would get when I get out of the plane). But I managed to survive thanks to the pretty fantastic in-flight entertainment.

But in such a case, parents should really make sure that their kids have enough entertainment to last for the duration of the flight. I do remember once in a flight where the infant slept through most of the flight, and when he/she was awake he/she was very well behaved.

All right. For now the movie Salt is playing on my TV, and it's pretty entertaining. Till next time!
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