Friday, 31 December 2010

I suddenly remembered what I wanted to do with my blog for 2011. I wanted to give my blog a new look, as I've been using the current one for quite some time now. I did find a few potential candidates, but being home has put all thoughts of spending hours online out of my mind, which I love- it's a semblance of the social life that I actually own here.

The last movie that I watched in 2010 would be The Tourist. I found it to be entertaining in most parts, with an exciting twist I did not see coming in the end. But speaking of movies, I find it rather amusing that while most of my year was spent in Adelaide, I've watched more movies in the cinema in the short time I was back than the entire time I wasn't home.

Toy Story 3 remains my favourite movie of the year. It was very emotional, especially for me. But Salt, Inception, The Social Network and Harry Potter would be there too.

Tonight, I will be heading out to countdown to the New Year, so my next update will be next year. Till then, see ya!
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