Wednesday, 8 December 2010

It's really unbelievable that it is already December. Of late these things take a while to hit me. I made no plans for my recent trip to Melbourne (even nearly mistaking the day I'm supposed to come back to Adelaide) and now, I only started packing on my second last day here. Sure, I knew when I was due to go home, but I just didn't feel pressured.

Perhaps it's the whole living life a day at a time thing that I've sort of adopted here. Every day is a new day, but it's just another day. No day is special. Even though now I've started packing my things and emptying my apartment, it doesn't feel like I'm going home yet. Sure, tomorrow's my last day, but I do not feel the excitement I felt the first time I went home.

The Big Bang Theory- very funny sitcom!

The same can be said for the year ending. Last year I reflected on 2009, what I learned about myself, and the experiences I had. But that was a very different me. This time around, I only realised it was the end of the year when I saw Tweets and Facebook updates about how fast the year has come and gone. I find this new side of me rather unusual- I'm not normally this carefree.

But it's completely true that time passes too fast; just this time last year I was anxious about moving abroad; this year I've done it and will be returning home. However, even though time flies, many things can happen. Lee Chong Wei won the All-England at last. Serena Williams cut her foot and cannot compete until next year. A movie was made about Facebook. I lost a relative, but gained another while learning a lot about myself. All this happened in the span of a year.

I have to admit, even though right now I'm typing this entry out, I do not feel as if the year is ending... December just feels like yet another month. But hopefully I'll get into the mood to celebrate Christmas and the new year with awesome people. Then perhaps I'll be able to bring myself to write an entry recapping this year as well.

I'm thinking that this post has been rather enlightening if you had not been in contact with me for awhile. I'll give you time to digest all that, and leave you with this short clip taken from an episode (one of my favourite ones, in fact) of this hilarious sitcom, The Big Bang Theory.

Show me your mucus! There's actually a funnier clip, but because the person who put it together disabled the embedding function, I can't put it here. But do have a look, it explains the above clip... in a way. Enjoy! 
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