Wednesday, 1 December 2010

One question that has been puzzling me recently is the distinction between a dream and an ambition. Is it considered an ambition if you actually set in motion an action to pursue a dream? This is because during my time here, I've had a lot of time to reflect on what I want in life, and whether I think I'm on the right path. While I have no definite answers for both, I do have some ideas.

For starters, I want to get a job to begin saving up, so that I can travel after I graduate. The gap year concept is now very appealing to me for some reason. I do see a possibility of me working immediately after I graduate, but I also see myself taking time off to travel, possibly for a year or so. It's something that I've thought about for quite some time, but of course as of now, it's just a dream. Perhaps when I have a job I'll call it a goal.

I definitely see myself backpacking while I'm young!

For me, travelling has always been fun. When I was younger, it was time away from my ordinary life. Now that I've had experience living in another country, I think it would be very interesting to live in other countries and experience the different cultures of the world. And it's definitely something I want to do while I'm young and healthy. When I begin working it would not be easy to just take a year off, unless I take a sabbatical or quit my job altogether.

Which is why I'm starting to really feel the urgency to get a job. If I don't get a job, then I would not be able to save money, and without money, I would not be able to travel.

Road trip!

And if you're wondering if I have a different travel plan in mind, then you will be disappointed. I would like to travel the world, just like everybody else. But my main goal is definitely to visit America and Europe. I've always been enchanted by the idea of a backpacking trip or a roadtrip across America (when I watch TV), so perhaps it'll take longer than a year for me to actually travel the world. When that day comes, maybe I'll open yet another blog to write my travel tales down. Or I might just keep it for myself till I come home, then try to get it published (another dream: get published!).

Perhaps you're not like me, and have not considered travelling. Then you should read this article on why everyone should travel while they're still in their 20s.

Of course, I fully realise that travels like these are unlikely to be glamorous or anything, and more often than not I will be stuck in weird situations. This blogger had travelled round the world, and devoted one blog entry to the uglier sides of backpacking. But like this year, I've learned from getting out of sticky situations, and it has made me a different person. So these experiences will only make me a better person.

The Australian desert

I do have other dreams, but they'll have to remain as a dream for now, locked in my head (some of them seem too far-fetched to even pursue). But perhaps one day this particular dream will become true, eh?
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